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Labor and tax impacts of the Outsourcing Reform

Are you ready for the effects of the outsourcing reform in Mexico??

Companies would only have 3 months for the implementation of a labor reform on the outsourcing issue that is currently in process in Congress, and it is expected to be published on the day 1 May 2021. A wide impact is estimated for many companies in labor aspects, fiscal and administrative that will require knowing the modifications well and starting on time with the required changes and avoiding penalties.

In this webinar, the labor and tax impacts of the outsourcing reform will be known in the voice of our specialists.


  1. Does the reform eliminate outsourcing?
  2. What will happen to the service providers within the same group (“Insourcing”)?
  3. What are the new OCT rules?
  4. Main labor and tax obligations derived from the outsourcing reform
  5. Recommendations and conclusions
Master Alejandro González- Fiscal Specialist
Dr. Enrique Macias – Labor Specialist

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