Internal audit consulting

Having an Internal Audit department is essential for all organizations, regardless of the size of your operations, since it focuses on supporting Senior Management with the achievement of business objectives.

Our staff has the experience, the necessary methodologies and tools that allow us to guarantee the reliability of the result of our work.

Internal Control Diagnosis

The main objective of the Internal Control Diagnosis is to provide your company with a professional and objective vision of the status of its processes and to receive recommendations for improvement to mitigate the risks in the indicated areas of opportunity..

Our diagnosis is designed according to the best international practices of Internal Control and under the COSO methodology, aimed at objectively evaluating the design and maturity of controls in the processes, this will allow you to have an overview of fraud risks, operation and accountants in their operations.

further, has the characteristic of being a very flexible service, since you decide which will be the business cycles that require an internal control diagnosis, according to your priorities.

Implementation of internal control policies and procedures.

The policies and procedures of a company go a long way towards ensuring that the procedures of the different areas and departments are executed in accordance with the company's guidelines., attached to the best practices of Internal Control.

We are confident that our service for the implementation of policies and procedures will help considerably in achieving the objectives that have been set for the growth of your organization., since in addition to preparing them in accordance with best practices, we use specialized software in

The elaboration of flow charts to reinforce the understanding of the owner of the process and the people involved.

Forensic audit

Currently, economic fraud in companies is carried out with different methods and modalities, to find out how to avoid established controls and not be detected. For these cases we offer you an investigation service on transactions and activities that are considered suspicious of mismanagement and diversion of resources..

Our work is carried out with absolute confidentiality to give our clients peace of mind and security..

Risk Management.

Our Risk Management service will bring various benefits to your company such as:

  • Builds confidence in the General Management that the organization's strategies and results are reviewed and observed.
  • Helps the transition of the company between generations to be more solid and stable.
  • Provides an effective way for the Administration to fulfill its role.
  • Improves adaptability in the organization.
  • Build trust and credibility with interested third parties (shareholders, customers, providers, employees, We provide advice, assistance and management for starting-up companies) In the organization.

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