Specialized and / or permanent tax advice

The complex and changing tax environment in Mexico makes it essential for companies to have high-level professional advice, but it is complex for many companies to have that level of professionals internally.

Our advice provides the latest technical knowledge as years of experience, which translates into a comprehensive consultancy that includes not only adequate compliance but also the identification of opportunities in the tax field that can provide the same regulations. Some examples where specialized tax advice is required include:

  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Business restructuring
  • Stock sales
  • Tax burden optimization
  • Incorporation of companies and reporting to the foreign parent
  • Expat Tax
  • Distribution of dividends, capital reductions

Tax refunds.

Our extensive experience in this area allows us to advise and assist companies in the efficient use of their fiscal resources and respective tax refund procedures.

Transfer pricing studies

We carry out the Transfer Pricing Study for those taxpayers who carry out operations with related parties, in order to document and verify if the amount of the operations carried out corresponds to market values ​​and comply with this requirement established in the Law.

We have a solid structure of specialized personnel that incorporates the newest and best practices, además, we have the best databases on the market, which is essential to prepare transparency price studies with the appropriate support

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