We at GYG


To deliver quality, comprehensive, and personalized professional services, that sustain business management; as well as offering development opportunities for our staff.


To constitute a broad-scope public accounting and business advisory firm, highly recognized by companies and organisations for its professionalism, technical competence, and social commitment.

To ensure the quality of our services, we have implemented internal quality control methods, which include staff performance evaluations and compliance with our Firm’s and profession standards., This calls for active participation of our partners and associates on the planning, , analysis and review of accomplished jobs.

In addition, as all members of DFK International, our professional practice undergoes a periodical peer review to certify its efficiency. We comply with the annual “Audit Quality Review Programme” (Programa de revisión de Calidad de Auditoría) established and supervised by DFK International from their headquarters in London.


Service Driven

Executive Team

Gerardo González R.

• Public Accountant with over 50 years of experience..

• Specialization in: Audit, Government Regulations, estate Consulting.

Ricardo González V.

Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of experience..

• Specialization in: External and Internal Audit, Foreign investment, Accounting standards, “Start-ups”.

Alejandro González V.

Certified Public Accountant and Tax Master with over 26 years of experience..

• Specialization in: Tax Services, Social Security, estate Consulting, Accounting standards.

Alejandro Villarreal C.
External Audit Senior Manager

• Public Accountant with over 18 years of experience..

• Specialization in: financial and tax audit , consolidation and conversion of financial statements.

Jorge Veliz Rodríguez
Internal Audit Manager

• Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience..

• Specialization in: Internal Control , policy implementation, fraud prevention, forensic audit.

Rocío Marisol Álvarez de León,,es,Comptroller's post accounting supervisor,,es,•,,en.

Contraloría en el puesto de supervisor contable

More partners

Oscar Aguirre T.
Tax Associate

• Certified Public Accountant and Tax Master ITESM over 26 years of experience..

• Specialization in: international tax, fiscal, foreign investment, external trade – maquiladora.

Jose Ángel Peña Ibarra
Information Technology Specialist

• Information technology specialist with over 30 years of experience., CGEIT, CRISC.

• Specialization in: IT governance, risk and compliance consulting IT, continuity plans, IT controls

What sets us apart from the competition

A team of interdisciplinary professionals that provides a wide range of services.

Ours is an international firm with competitive fees.

Our services are reviewed by DFK’s quality control committee.

Larger geographical coverage in Mexico than our competitors.

We offer services to multinational companies from North America, Europe and Asia.

More of 28 years representing an international firm with presence in 85 countries.

DFK International World Statistics,,en,DFK Member Firms                        ,,en,Number of Offices                           ,,en,Number of countries                       ,,en,Partners and staff,,en,including professional and administrative staff,,en,             ,,en,Total Member Firm Fee Income,,en,US$ Bn,,en,                           ,,en,Worldwide Association Ranking                                              8th,,en 2017

DFK Member Firms 220

Number of Offices 435

Number of countries 93

Partners and staff

(including professional and administrative staff) 12,170

Total Member Firm Fee Income (US$ Bn) $1.182

Worldwide Association Ranking 7th,en


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