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The SAT reports that the entry for the new electronic invoice 4.0 will be extended until 1 of January of 2023

With the purpose of granting facilities to taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations, he Service tax administration (SAT) informs that the new electronic invoice 4.0 will be mandatory from 1 of January of 2023.

Individuals and legal entities that today use the new billing version 4.0 We ask you to continue with it in order to socialize the use of it.. Secondly, those who still do not use it, they are invited to continue with the transition process during the rest of the year.

It is important for the taxpayer to know and keep updated at all times their tax information contained in the Certificate of Tax Situation, which is like your birth certificate, since it contains identification data, location and tax obligations, provided that said partners comply on their own account with their tax obligations:

  • Federal taxpayer registration (RFC).
  • Name or Social reason.
  • Postal code of the fiscal domicile.
  • Tax regime.

If the taxpayer knows this information, you can give it to your employer or biller without the need to present your Certificate of Fiscal Situation.

It should be noted that the issuance of the payroll invoice is independent of the labor obligation that employers have to pay wages and salaries to their workers., Therefore, not delivering the certificate is not a reason for dismissal or payment withholding..

If you need to consult or obtain your certificate, The SAT makes available to all persons registered in the RFC the following means to generate it remotely via:

  • SAT website:
  • Go to sat.gob.mx to the section of Other procedures and services, Click on Generate your Proof of Tax Situation.
  • You only need the RFC and Password or electronic signature (e. signature) valid.
  • Mobile SAT:
  • Download the SAT Mobile application from any cell phone or tablet with an internet connection.
  • Only the RFC and Password are needed.
  • SAT ID:
  • Enter SAT ID from any cell phone or tablet with an internet connection. It only takes:
  • Valid official identification.
  • RFC a 13 positions.
  • Personal email.
  • cell phone number to 10 positions.

If people want to go to an office to get their certificate, they can do it no appointment needed, they only require to carry an official identification and know their complete RFC.

The delivery of proofs is free and should not be conditioned by any public servant of the SAT for alleged debts or physical verification of the taxpayer's address.. If they are witnesses or possible victims, report it at maildenuncias@sat.gob.mx or at 55 8852 2222.

The SAT will provide services for the process of proof next Saturdays 11 Y 18 June at a time of 9:00 a 16:00 hours.

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