17 de mayo 2022 1000 a 1100 a.m. (Ciudad de México) (940 × 600 px)-5
Myths and realities of the limits with the labor reform

With the labor reform 23 April 2021, the amount of PTU payable was limited, but how do you apply? Who do they apply to??, What other limits apply or only the new limits? Can I pay advance PTU?

  • What is PTU and what is its origin?
  • Who should calculate it?, Counter, the administration, the employment lawyer or someone else?
  • Do all companies have to involve their employees??
  • do i have to pay you 3 months of salary for PTU or not?
  • What about workers who worked less than 60 days, participate in the?
  • What are the sanctions if I do not pay it or do not do it according to the rules of the Law??


CPC.Alejandro Gonzalez

Firm Tax Partner

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