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Top risks for SMEs and options to mitigate them within reach of your budget

Cybersecurity is an issue that remains on the agenda of all organizations in the 2021, and this year the attacks are not expected to decrease; Unlike, with the challenges of teleworking it is expected to increase; as shown by 1.3 million ransomware attacks that Mexico suffered in the year 2020 affecting approximately 300,000 Business. As the frequency of security incidents continues to escalate, the magnitude of the impacts related to them requires that companies face cybersecurity risks at the executive level with a strategic approach.

But what happens when an organization does not justify the investment of keeping a full-time CISO in their organization? (Chief Information Security Officer), that person or function that is in charge of designing and ensuring that the necessary security controls are implemented for each organization, to meet this need, more and more companies turn to the CISOaaS scheme (CISO as a Service), in which they acquire a customized cybersecurity expert team and for whom they pay only for the time they require, thus giving them the perfect balance between their level of security, risks and costs.


  1. What is the current state of cybersecurity in Mexico?
  2. How did the cybersecurity control environment change due to the pandemic?
  3. Main cybersecurity risks of companies?
  4. What are companies doing to mitigate cybersecurity risks?
  5. Conclusions and reflections

Ing. Arnulfo Espinosa Dominguez


President of ARES Alliance

President of the CT of Cybersecurity and Technology of the IMEF MTY

Coordinator of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center in Mexico Immediate Past President of ISACA Monterrey

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