Did you know that the home office has special rules in Mexico as of 12 of January of 2021? Verify that your company complies with them by listening to our experts.

Webinar Telework and Home Office

Aspects and implications, from the legal and fiscal perspective

El Home Office, known as work at home, has been regulated in Mexico, as a special job for the purposes of labor law, and consists of a form of labor organization in which the worker performs remunerated activities, without the need to physically appear at the workplace, under the use of information and communication technology, that allow information to be shared and to develop good communication between the company and the worker.

Although it is already regulated, has raised doubts as to whether there are differences between home office and teleworking. So we will analyze its legal aspects and its implications from a labor perspective, tax and social security.

In this webinar you will learn, among other things:

  • Working from home motivated by COVID, Is Telework considered for employment purposes?
  • Telework Differences (legal) y Home Office.
  • Principles governing telework.
  • Individual telework contract and Collective contracts.
  • Tools for teleworking.
  • Conference for teleworking.
  • Obligations, prohibitions and duration of telework.
  • Trial period and initial training, in Teleworking.
  • Security conditions, health and psychosocial problems in teleworking.
  • STPS inspections in teleworking.
  • Tax and salary integration problems before the IMSS for teleworking.


C.P.C. Alejandro Gonzalez, Human capital specialist
Dr. Enrique Macias, Labor Specialist,

 28 of January of 2021
10:00 am a 11:30 hrs. (Time Mexico City)

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