From this one 2016, all taxpayers, individuals with business activity and corporate entities, They are required to carry the Electronic Accounting. They had to send the chart of accounts with code consolidator day 3 Y 7 last March, with balances 31 December last year, but does not end there.
Politicas y procedimientos

By that time it had to have been done sending the trial balance; sending policies is not necessary, unless the authority so requires.

However, You must remember that each month It will be necessary to send the trial balance, and chart of accounts (only if there was any change in the same) later than day 3 O 5 the second month following the date corresponding information. The day 3 It is for corporations and 5 for individuals.

as mentioned, It is not necessary policies periodically send, only at the request of the authority or if necessary tax compensation.

Who they are not required?

Individuals who have income from services professionals, and RIF, provided they submit their statements through "My Accounts", which it is on page SAT, where is the RIF. Know the rules.

How do you send it?

The documents must be sent in XML files, Accounting programs Electronics automatically generated; on the website of SAT there is a validator that checks and validates who agree with the formats established by the authority.

By last, the shipment must doHE through Tax Mailbox in the SAT Internet Portal, so that it is essential that they are updated emails authorized, like have electronic signatures updated.

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